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  • you have panic attacks

  • you avoid certain situations

  • you sometimes struggle with anxiety and can't explain why

  • you have to deal with the following anxiety symptoms (rapid heartbeat, trembling and shortness of breath)

  • you have exam anxiety or social anxiety

Stress and burnout

  • you have problems to sleep

  • you have difficulty breathing in certain situations, as if someone is choking your lungs

  • you often feel stressed very quickly

  • you are quickly exhausted

  • you only function

Abnormalities in your personality

  • you put yourself under a lot of pressure

  • you have difficulties getting in touch with others

  • you have problems with your self-confidence

  • You are your biggest critic

  • you suffer from pressure to perform

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Focus areas

Online Psychology-Based Life and Mental Health Coaching 

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  • you are often sad

  • you isolate yourself from other people for no obvious reason

  • you have less and less energy

  • you struggle to get out of bed

  • you have lost your easiness

  • you are living in the past


* I can't offer any treatment with medication.

Relationship Coching

  • you distance yourselves emotionally from each other

  • you take physical distance from each other

  • Your mutual trust decreases more and more 

  • You don't trust yourself to share your true feelings with each other

  • You have the feeling that you are not understood by your partner

Additional services

  • Stress management help 

  • Support with sadness and loss

  • Help with life crises and decisive moments in life

  • Help with professional (re)orientation

  • Further topics on request

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