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About me

Online Mental Health Coaching is my passion

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About me and Why I Became an Online Health Coach

When I was a little boy, I lay in a hospital room, weak but with determined eyes. The doctors gave my parents little hope; they said my chances in the fight against cancer were small. Yet they did not know my willpower, the willpower of a child who refused to give up.


An operation that was supposed to save my life went tragically wrong. A medical error resulted in impairment of my left hand. But this new challenge was just another battle for me. I rose like a phoenix from the ashes of despair, unyielding and indomitable.


Years passed, and I grew stronger, wiser, and more determined. My journey was a testament to human resilience, proof that the human spirit is capable of overcoming overwhelming odds. I transformed my pain into purpose, my experiences into a force for good.

I'm a dedicated Online Mental Health Coach with a unique blend of experience and academic background. My journey in becoming an Online Mental Health Coach is deeply personal and professional. After overcoming significant life challenges, including a serious childhood illness and a disability, I realized the power of mental resilience and empathy. This personal experience fuels my passion for Online Mental Health Coaching, making me a relatable and understanding guide for my clients.

I hold a degree in psychological counseling and personal coaching, enhancing my expertise in Online Mental Health Coaching. With over 25 years of people management, talent acquisition leadership, and training, I've honed a keen understanding of diverse mental health needs. This vast experience in various leadership roles has equipped me with exceptional skills in cognitive behavioral therapy and talk therapy, critical components of Online Mental Health Coaching.

As an Online Mental Health Coach, I believe in creating a safe, empowering space for my clients. I understand the intricacies of anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship complexities. My approach as an Online Mental Health Coach is not just about addressing these issues; it's about empowering each individual to find their path to wellness and happiness.

In my Online Mental Health Coaching sessions, I integrate various techniques and strategies to help clients navigate their mental health journey. My role as an Online Mental Health Coach is to provide support, guidance, and actionable steps to achieve mental well-being.

Choosing me as your Online Mental Health Coach means selecting a partner who is committed to your journey during your Online Mental Health Coaching. My own experiences and professional background as an Online Mental Health Coach have taught me the importance of personalized care and understanding. Together, we will work towards unlocking your full potential and finding lasting happiness and mental wellness.


My story is not just about survival; it's about thriving against all odds. My life, a tale of hope and strength, inspires countless others.


In my words: "I am here to guide you, to support you, on your journey to a happier and more fulfilled life. Let's rise together from the ashes.

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Phoenix Rising: My Cancer, My Triumph, My Survival


Mobil: + 1 832 9988781

Business Hours from Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

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